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Term Identification for Cloud Enabled Systems

Moyock, NC - Jigsaw Security is working on a new technology to allow cloud operators to quickly and easily find content in PDF's, Word Documents, Images, Video and similar streams of data. The project is already on-line and working on our experimental cluster which allows Jigsaw Cyber Security analyst to connect events that otherwise would appear to be individual and separate security issues.

The new technology allows operators of cloud environments to search billions of lines of content for particular strings of interest. A good example would be if an engineer wanted to find all PDF documents ingested into the system with the word combination of "fried chicken", the software would continually scan and give counts and put those documents into a virtual bucket for review. Don't laugh we did exactly that and found out that there are literally millions of recipes for various types of fried chicken on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

This term application allows you to do other things such as:

  • Finding sentiment in news articles

  • Judge the content of news and streaming feeds of news to show general reporting rates based on positive and negative reception of an article

  • Find data leaks and instances where information of interest is leaving your cloud environment

  • Identify critical items in streaming data to ensure immediate alerting in data, voice and video streams

The Jigsaw Analytic Platform will process all types of documents directly with this update. All that is needed is to put all documents into a single (or multiple directories on the Jigsaw Platform). The Jigsaw Platform continues to provide innovative solutions to identify items of interest in voice, data, video and other types of data streams that can be processed with the Jigsaw Platform natively.

Types of information that can be processed are social media, video, voice and wavforms. The processing is done in the ingest stream with metadata creation on the fly. All future deployments of the Jigsaw Analytic Platform will include document, video and metadata creation during ingest.

For more information contact your sales representative to have this feature added to your existing cluster.

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