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Critical Infrastructure & the Jigsaw Protection Model

Jigsaw Security is highly active in several arena's concerning critical infrastructure. If your not familiar with what critical infrastructure means it is commonly referred to as the processes, systems, technologies, networks, assets and service essential to the health, safety or economic well-being of a country or the population of a country.

Jigsaw Security provides many services in support of critical infrastructure up to and including disaster recovery services using our WiMAX technologies, offsite backup and restore as well as critical infrastructure auditing with our Jigsaw Protection Model audits. These audits ensure that all systems remain available, online and in an operating condition in the event of natural or man made disasters.

There are many groups dedicated to protecting critical infrastructure to include US-CERT, ICS-ISAC and similar organizations to include the Department of Homeland Security as well as private security vendors that offer services in this space. What sets Jigsaw Security apart from the rest is our 4 stage auditing concept that is built to specifically protect critical infrastructure from attacks and outages. Our wireless solutions allow us to provide not only secure point to point communications in the event of an outage, but also allow out of band communications that do not rely on cellular or hard wired Internet services.

  • How can Jigsaw help you protect your critical processes and networks?

  • By providing proactive protection through our FirstWatch security sensors

  • By providing backup communications over WiMAX links both short and long range

  • By providing an out of band data and voice communications capability during disasters

  • By auditing and finding weaknesses that may be exploited by hackers

  • By providing a continual TSCM and Network Security program for your business to protect your critical assets

Critical infrastructure has to be up and running to protect the well-being of life and citizens that depend on high availability of their networks, voice and health related systems and networks. For more information on how Jigsaw Security protects critical infrastructure you may want to review our processes for our Jigsaw Protection Model or speak to a sale representative.

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