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Jigsaw moves to provide telecommunications services

Today Jigsaw Security has announced that we have moved heavily into the telecommunications space as a tier 2/3 provider. What this means is that while not being a mega-carrier that we have started to deploy and invest in high speed Internet, voice and television services. More information will be released in the coming weeks with a launch data of 2018. What this means is that we will be the only carrier that we are aware of that is solely focused on providing highly secured connections complete with Jigsaw products protecting the links. This will severely limit the ability for hackers to exfiltrate data from Jigsaw supplied bandwidth solutions.

Residential Light

Jigsaw will be releasing a residential light version of our FirstWatch service that will block malicious content natively on our provisioned circuits. This option ensures that home users are protected from malware and viruses not only on the Jigsaw supplied circuits but also when they travel outside of their office. All that is needed is for the end user to ensure that they are using Jigsaw supplied DNS servers to extend the protection from McDonalds to Starbucks to Aunt Betty's house during the holiday's.

Jigsaw for Government

Jigsaw is setting up services to ensure that we can sell our highly secured connectivity options to Government. A recent review of services being provided by the Government were noted as not being able to stop even well known threats. We aim to change that. Government specific protection service will be provided to ensure that malware is stopped during the infection stage by disrupting the C2 communications of the malware and alerting the appropriate Government security engineers of the problem. Stopping network and email based attacks will be a major part of this offering.

Jigsaw for Schools

One thing is for certain. Kids tend to get infections quite often. The Internet is like the wild west whereas children are targeted. Child pornography, human trafficking and similar threats are all over the Internet. Jigsaw for Schools allows school districts to extend protection from the school to the home all by just setting their school owned hardware to utilize Jigsaw Security's DNS protection and endpoint protection greatly eliminating threats that target children. In addition violences, pornography and other undesirable content is effectively blocked with this solution. Administrators simply force school owned assets to utilize Jigsaw Sensor DNS services while in school and while working on school assets in the home. By providing bandwidth solutions with bundled security, we keep children safe and greatly reduce online predator activity.

Commercial and Workplace

Jigsaw has been providing security solutions for corporations since 2014. In the last few years we have greatly enhanced our protection models to include auditing, secured communications lines, DNS protection as well as by providing threat intelligence information to security professionals that can use this information to protect corporate assets. By extending our protection on Jigsaw provisioned circuits, we offer highly secured Internet access cheaper than most security solutions deployed in the corporate space

About our Offerings

Through competitive pricing agreements with tier 1/2/3 carriers, we are able to provide bandwidth in a secure manner to customers. We will be offering mobile services by T-Mobile and Sprint to include GSM and 4G LTE connectivity. Services start at just $9.00 per month per cell phone. Cable connections are available starting at $79 per month and Jigsaw Security operating under license WQVC235 can provide WiMAX service anywhere in the US and US based territories. Jigsaw Security is a common carrier as well as a non-common carrier and private network operator. Our services are designed to provide secure Internet communications for those businesses that want to ensure a higher level of security at the network layer. By partnering with other carriers, we are able to wholesale bandwidth and bundle our security stack on those links when they are provisioned and activated.

In addition to services provided by Jigsaw directly, strategic acquisitions and partner arrangements are allow us to offer services not currently provided by common carriers, mobile, cable and VOIP providers.


Jigsaw Security Enterprise Inc has purchased shares in several companies and may be holding significant stakes in the following companies as part of our corporate umbrella.

Current Holdings:

Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.

Airborne Wireless, Inc.

Ting Mobile owned by Tucows

For additional information on this article or specific details on financial disclosures please email with your specific information request.

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