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Aerial Drone Use in Disaster Recovery Course

Drone use during disasters enables first responders to find those trapped in rubble, to evaluate damage caused by man made or natural disasters or to gain situational awareness.

Today Jigsaw Security annouced the newest online training offering, a new class for aerial drone use during disasters.

With the complex rules, no fly zones and exemptions, rules of operation are complex and sometimes downright problematic. This new course examines the use of UAS (aerial platforms) during times of disaster.

Drones are a valuable tool during and after natural disasters. Those deploying the technology have to ensure that there are no restricted flight zones and that the devices can be used safely. This course looks at real world drone use during disasters to give tips, resources and the do's and dont's of deployment.

During recent hurricanes in Houston it was pretty quickly realized that General Aviation was going to play a part in the recovery. The FAA quickly designated the area a no drone zone and put out public notices and NOTAMS (Notices to Airmen) indicating that GA aircraft were priority. Even with no fly zone, the first responders on scene were able to utilize drones. The biggest challenge was operating in confined airspace safely.

This course provided by Jigsaw Security will look at historical incidents and how first responders utilized the technology to find and save those in need without interfering or operating illegally. Drones played a part in delivery of supplies to those stranded and also provided situational awareness for search and rescue teams. This course will give you practical methods of safe operation in emergency situations and will do so using video and multimedia presentations to make it easy for operators to understand how to safely operate in the national airspace systems.

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