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Jigsaw's OXINT-X brings in threat intelligence from Twitter as it happens

Jigsaw Security's OSINT-X ingestion platform brings in live Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds quickly and easily. The software has not been configured to pull threat intelligence from vetted sensors that post to social media. This new capability enriches data used to determine what others are seeing. This new update is bringing in over 40 different feeds from other threat intelligence companies so that Jigsaw can see who is seeing what type of attack and how threats are moving across the Internet.

This near real time capability can give Jigsaw insight into actors by showing:

  • Who is seeing a threat?

  • What type of threats are being seen over many sensors (literally thousands of sensors)

  • What ports are being attacked and how

  • How widespread are automated IOT attacks

  • Statistical information showing how many attacks various parts of the world have seen in the last day, week or months

This automated framework now reports directly into Jigsaw Security Threat Intelligence library as well as our partner feeds that utilize Jigsaw's STIX/TAXII infrastructure.

By leveraging other sensors that are reporting attacks, we can see more data and provide better responses to our customers. Just today we observed over 2 million IOT related telnet probes. This tells us that IOT will be a considerable problem for the long term, Activity is in fact increasing daily as more and more connected devices are put online.

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