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Jigsaw Selects Transunion and Delvepoint

Jigsaw Security has been processing background checks for financial application accuracy, business licensing, and employment background checks. To ensure the highest level of accuracy and checks we have decided to utilize the services of TransUnion and Delvepoint. Both companies provide Jigsaw with with a unique advantage when verifying the accuracy of applicants.

"As a risk management focused company, we need to have accurate and up to date information to be able to detect fraud and misrepresentation on applicant submissions. By utilizing these services we can provide a higher level of services to include detecting when applicants are not truthful in employment, business or similar applications. This set's us apart by allowing us instant access to highly accurate and up to date information that keeps our customers from making business decisions based upon inaccurate information." said Kevin Wetzel, CEO of Jigsaw Security.

In addition to the providers mentioned, our Investigative team has access to several other databases to include utility billing, OCR camera reports of vehicle movement as well as GPS tracking for fleet management. Our investigators can determine when corporate assets are being utilized by staff off hours or in violation of corporate policies saving companies money and higher insurance premiums.

More Information

For information on our background reports, pre-employment application verifications and investigative services, visit our website at or call 800-447-2150 Ext. 6. Jigsaw Security is a North Carolina licensed private investigative company licensed under the Private Protective Services Board for Private Investigation and Electronic Countermeasures. Jigsaw Security provides forensics, cyber security products and investigative services to Federal, State and Local Governments, Private Corporations as well as other Investigative firms.

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