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Jigsaw Platform Version 5.5 to 5.6 Update

Now with built in site to site replication and hot backup/CDN...

Jigsaw Security successfully released the latest version of our Big Data platform and upgraded from version 5.5 to version 5.6. This new version includes built in alerting of keywords and conditions, includes the cluster management native to the platform, timeline, development tools and KOPF built in for management of the cluster. In addition we have also included data center to data center replication for moving data from a one to many distribution model (which basically means there is now the ability to have hot sites, backup sites and full data replication for a multi-cloud configuration in which data can be served from your very own CDN - Content Delivery Network).

The newest version - The same UI features

This new enterprise version of the software brings all of the same features as version 5.5 but also includes new replication of data between data centers.

The same software but now with the ability to build out multiple data centers with data replication between sites in near real time.

Easier to Install

The new platform can be simply cloned from Github so we no longer require a large and complicated installation making it easy for anybody to install our software.

Easier to Manage

Built in KOPF management so you can maintain your indexes from a convenient web interface.

Easier to Replication to Multiple Locations

The new replicator function syncs data from one to one or one to many meaning there really is no need to every have to backup your data.

Improved Security

New built in reverse proxy with pattern recognition and true read only query only web front end interface.

For more information on replicator, version 5.6 or how Jigsaw can fit into your organization please call 800-447-2150 and ask for Extension 6 to talk to a sales representative.

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