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Fusion Centers are not just for Government

It goes without saying that the Government is consolidating data to save money and better utilize resources. Advancement's in computing to include cloud computing, parallel processing and high speed private networks make it possible to centralize all of your applications and services into centralized data centers. This saves money in staff, power and other assets.

Many people think that you need to be in a Government organization to operate a fusion center when in reality anybody can do it. So what is a fusion center anyway?

What is a Fusion Center?

In short a fusion center is an information sharing center. This centralized center stores information of interest to many organizations and allows them to access data with highly configurable security to ensure that classifications are being utilized. Just because it sounds Government doesn't mean you have to be Government to operate one. There are many private fusion centers in the US and abroad that deal in various disciplines and information. In fact by the Government's own design, fusion centers rely on the private sector for information sharing to work.

You can read about private sector and fusion center integration and sharing here.

Why build a fusion center?

Some of the benefits of a fusion center model are:

  • Ability to centralize your data and protect it with one data protection model - This makes it so you don't have to utilize multiple accounts for your users and can serve content from one platform.

  • Cost savings by locating your data center (fusion center) in low cost operating areas. By locating in an area where power is less expensive you can realize cost savings in your enterprise.

  • Ability to more easily share data with your partners, Government and law enforcement.

  • More easily put out public information through notifications, chat and SMS as an example - By having the ability to engage with your clients more easily, you increase your overall effectiveness in getting information to those persons that most need it.

What about ISACS?

The security industry has been building out information sharing organizations for awhile now. These threat and industry sharing organizations are built to support users and those members in the same industry. There is not much in the way of differences between ISACS and fusion centers. The only difference is that a platform and applications serve data in a common operating format for fusion centers and ISAC's are free to use whatever systems they wish to best support their users. In short there really is nothing different between either model.

How Jigsaw has built out our Fusion Center capability:

In the last 2 years Jigsaw Security has centralized all of our applications into a web based framework known as the Jigsaw Analytic Platform. This software allows Jigsaw to send data to our partners by email, SMS, through data pushes, exports in many formats to include text, CSV, JSON, XML and other standardized data formats. This capability allows us to rapidly get information to our end users in the most expedited manner based on our relationships with the end users of the data.

To access our Jigsaw Fusion data set you must first become a subscriber to our threat intelligence service and specifically have a need for access. Jigsaw Security provides data to Government and private sector organizations (ISACS) as part of our normal operations.

Create your own Fusion capability with the Jigsaw Analytic Platform and join the party.

Below you can see some of our Fusion Center capabilities. In short we can add any web based application to our Analytic Platform as well as the integration of data from any web based source. Through document ingestion, we can find relevant items of interest in Documents to include PDF's, WAV files, Text, CSV data, web based locations and more. Ingest documents easily and extract all meta-data with no effort on your part. Then search, alert and analyze your datasets in one easy to use interface. The Jigsaw Analytic Platform can be licensed for $149,995.95 per year or an Enterprise Site License can be purchased on a month to month basis.

Jigsaw Security Analytic Platform in Action

The Jigsaw Analytic Platform finds threats in Washington DC

The Jigsaw Analytic Platform finds TOR nodes being operated in Russia

Weather Data being displayed in the Jigsaw Analytic Platform - Tracking Hurricane Activity

Tracking Terrorist Activity by Keyword

Finding Terrorist Activity on Twitter

The Cyber Security Activity Alerting Console in the Jigsaw Analytic Platform

Integration of Apache Nifi in the Jigsaw Analytic Platform

These are just a few of the examples we have put together on our solutions. Basically our data warehouse operations allow ingestion of ANY type of data and can display and manipulate the data in one highly efficient web based platform.

Request a Demo Today!

To get a demo of our platform and build out your very own fusion capability, call (800) 447-2150 Extension 1 for more information.

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