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Downloading Patches from Russia? Get more than you bargained for!

If your downloading patches for Meltdown and Spectre you may want to make sure your not installing them off of 4 servers (below). It appears as though Russians are using the vulnerability to bundle "patches" that include the infamous smoke loader.

IBM X-Force first reported this earlier today and the Jigsaw Security team farther enriched the content to provide more context. In short if your downloading patches, make sure your getting them from your trusted vendors. US-CERT put out recommendations earlier today which list where you can get reputable patches for fixing these vulnerabilities. So far only the Meltdown vulnerability has been patched by most vendors. The Spectre vulnerability may take some time while hardware vendors come up with Bios patches and other solutions to the issue. As we said earlier it's nearly impossible to patch 100% of a hardware issue with software.

Indicators of Compromise:

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Checksum for Fake Patch:


Link to US-CERT Guidance:

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