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An Overview of Jigsaw Sensor Technology

Jigsaw Security has been shipping the FirstWatch sensor since 2017 and has worked to improve the capabilities of the software stack. During this time we have integrated our threat intelligence feeds, heuristics detection and several other data monitoring capabilities that have farther improved the product.

The latest version of our software can be deployed without disruption or modification to anything other than your DNS server addresses. The solution can be deployed on virtual or bare metal in under 10 minutes.

While others continue to get infections, we continue to disrupt the threat using RPZ and response ports to keep your network safe from infection. The sensor software is open source based on Maltrail whereas the protection modules are commercial in nature.

Authorized MSSP's protect your organization using Jigsaw Security technology. If your a managed security provider, contact Jigsaw for a demo on how we keep your users safe from infection.

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