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Jigsaw Security releases IOT Intelligence Module for Jigsaw Analytic Platform

Back in 2015, Jigsaw Security began working with and talking to folks involved with the ICS-ISAC group. Back then the ISAC asked if we could create an intelligence product that would allow us to organize and catalog intelligence and vulnerability bulletins in a full text researchable data product to allow ICS research in our platform. At the time it was nearly impossible due to the fact that each organization ICS-CERT, ICS-ISAC, news and open source sites, RSS feeds and others all released their intelligence products in different formats with no easy way to extract the required information into a data set that could be searched by product or vulnerability. At the time we passed on the project because we did not feel we could provide a solution due to our limited resources in our development and security work that was keeping us busy. In short we did not have the manpower or money to develop a solution as we were a brand new company just getting started in the IOT space.

Fast forward to 2018

In 2017 Jigsaw Security grew to a level whereas in order to keep up with vulnerabilities we had to come up with a full index system for all documents that we had with valuable intelligence information. You may remember us posting to our blog about our full text document processing. We didn't realize it at the time but this was exactly what was need to perform what the Industrial Controls group was asking for.

This new capability allows us to fully index ANY document provided that contains any information not just information of interest to the Industrial Controls groups responsible for securing Internet of Things devices.

You can now search for specific models of your devices to read all bulletins, technical documents, patching information and related intelligence on your particular hardware.

In short Jigsaw Security has created a solution in which anybody can email documents or technical bulletins to an email address. The document is then parsed and ingested into the Jigsaw Security Analytic platform after approval by Jigsaw staff. This information is then made available to researchers to be able to search for relevant content of interest.

A look at documents using the keyword "Siemens" as an example

Reading a document found using "Siemens" as a keyword

Those persons wishing to obtain access to our ICS and IOT data sets may contact Kevin Wetzel at (800) 447-2150 Ext. 1.

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