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Jigsaw Security TSCM Certification Course

Jigsaw Security has released a new 48 hour TSCM course for certification to US based companies and individuals. The new course will train the student in all aspects of Technical attacks. "With all the focus on cyber security, we thought it would make sense to add in technical attack vectors that often times are being exploited and not detected in the critical infrastructure space" said Kevin Wetzel, CEO of Jigsaw Security.

The new course will cover attack vectors such as RF bugging devices, network based attacks with technical elements, ultrasonic and subsonic attacks, light based attacks and multistage device attacks that are extremely hard to detect. New information attacks which then lead to cyber and physical attacks will be extensively covered. From credit card skimmer technology to individual targeting, the course brings about awareness allowing companies to better protect their proprietary information.

The course is available only to US Citizens that are authorized by Jigsaw Security to take the course. Students must sign contracts to attend and may require State Department approval to take the course since the content is covered under ITAR and other Federal regulations.

The course is taught in person and is $1995.95 for 48 hours training. Certification testing is conducted during the course and requires a separate testing fee of $295. The course itself is not new only the certification test. Interested companies can contact Jigsaw Security at 800-447-2150 Ext. 1 for scheduling and availability.

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