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New NC Private Protective Services Board CE Training Courses

Jigsaw Security received notification today that 2 more courses have been approved for continuing education with the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board. Jigsaw Security a Moyock, North Carolina based security company provides training to law enforcement, Government and private security industry.

These new courses will allow you to take both online and in person training and obtain credit for renewal of your PPSB license which is administered by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety.

Online Courses Available

The new courses available are as follows:

PPSB-17-371 How to Detect Human Trafficking (3 Hours - Online)

An awareness course to explain how to detect human trafficking

PPSB-17-372 JPM Level 1: JIgsaw Protection Model (6 Hours - Online or In Person)

An in depth training course that covers topics such as hacking, travel awareness, active shooter events and similar topics.

Existing courses

PPSB-14-956 SDR Software Defined Radio Use in TSCM (8 Hours In Person)*

A course that teaches the proper use of software defined radio for use in Technical Countermeasures sweeps to detect eavesdropping devices.

To register for courses please email or call 800-447-2150 Ext. 1

* Since this course is a dual use course, all students must provide proof of US Citizenship and undergo a background check at registration. For more information please visit the US State Department ITAR awareness and information website by clicking here.

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