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New Training Course Available - Insider Threat in Healthcare

A new training course titled "Insider Threat in Health Care" is now available for Jigsaw customers. This course is being submitted for CE Credits with the North Carolina Department of Public Safety. Some of the topics include the following topics and modules:

  • Identifying Insider Threats in the Workplace

  • The value in health records - why health records are targeted and used by threat actors

  • How to stop insider threat with various technologies

  • How to track the loss of patient records

  • Health Care Best Practices

  • Auditing in Health Care Environments

This course is currently not approved for CE credits but is being requested.

About the Jigsaw University

The Jigsaw University is an on-line training platform used by Jigsaw Security to provide training to our customers. Topics range from general security and best practices to accredited certification courses. Students can register on-line and begin training usually the same day. Students work at their own pace and instructors are available to assist students and explain topics. Jigsaw Security continues to provide innovative security and training platforms and systems to our customers and partners.

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