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Jigsaw Security joins several incubators and integration organizations

Jigsaw Security wanted to update our customers, partners and the public and let everyone know that we are joining some technical and collaborative organizations. Jigsaw Security has been attending the NC Tech ( events and working with members to farther our reach. What this has done is solidify our assumption that businesses are struggling to get a good handle on their security postures.

In addition to joining NC Tech (2017 and 2018) we have joined the Hampton Roads Innovation Collaborative as well as the High Technology Crime Investigation Association. These organizations help us to better connect with those customers and potential users of our software and intelligence products.

Mr. Wetzel, CEO of Jigsaw Security is also on the Board of Advisors for NC Tech and is a key member of several other working groups in the security space. As a member of the NC Tech Board of Advisors, Mr. Wetzel is working with business, technology and public leaders dedicated to the development of North Carolina based tech sector. Advisors serve as a resource by providing guidance and feedback; assist with growing the organization through introductions and referrals; and help promote NC TECH through their organiztions and networks.

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