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HIDS Endpoint Protection

Jigsaw Security Enterprise today announced the re-release of our Host Intrusion Detection System monitor. The software provides companies with an automated way of applying threat intelligence data collected in MISP (Malware Information Sharing Platform) or our Jigsaw MISP instance to their workstation protection models.

The HIDS agent connects to MISP and downloads all of the relevant IP, Domain, Hashes and other data and continually monitors for threats. This software package is being utilized to meet the DHS CDM model which we have adopted at Jigsaw Security.

The agent reports back into the Jigsaw Analytic Platform to ensure that you have continued compliance and are applying your threat intelligence to your endpoint protection.

In addition we support other products such as CarbonBlock, Symantec Endpoint Protection or any application that can utilize hash sets and log back to our infrastructure. This open architecture allows you to benefit from JIgsaw Security Threat Intelligence products even if you choose to continue using your already purchased products in your operations.

Find out if your endpoints are infected without you knowing it. In addition when combined with our FirstWatch sensor, the data from the endpoints becomes another method of detecting previously unknown threats as they become known by Jigsaw Heuristics Detection modules that are enabled in the FirstWatch product.

To read about Jigsaw Security's adoption of CDM you can read our whitepaper on the topic.

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