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Jigsaw Trademarks "Jigsaw Threat Mitigation Model"

(Chesapeake, VA) Jigsaw Security has trademarked our Jigsaw Threat Mitigation Model SM. In addition to trademarking the model, a patent application for our sensor analytics technology is also filed. Jigsaw Security believes that the process and terms associated with our threat model should be protected as it is one of our greatest assets that allow us to provide comprehensive security to our customers, MSP partners and to operate at a different level than our competition. We truly believe that our protection model it the key to providing the best security products and services.

In addition to our legal protection for our products, we will also be creating training and will be aligning our sensor, monitoring and analytic products to this new model to ensure that all Jigsaw monitored customers are fully protected.

Not Just Cyber Anymore...

While the industry as a whole is focusing most of their energy on cyber security, we at Jigsaw Security have been working to create a fully adoptable model the provides real world protection. In many cases when we sell or provide services, we noted that many customers were forgetting to protect their human assets and failed to create policies and procedures in a manner that regulations were being fully met.

As part of our plan for roll out to our customer, we will be provided training in the Jigsaw University to ensure that customers know how to effectively apply the model within their organizations. Jigsaw Security products will also map to the various Phases of the model and allow consistent application regardless of the size of the client. Utilizing AWS, Azure and Jigsaw hosted cloud products allow us to provide cost effective solution to very small and for us to scale up to very large customers using the same basic product and services.

Mapped to NIST and CDM

While it's no secret that Jigsaw Security has been integrating our products for use in both the public and private sector, this model allows us to provide the same consistent products regardless of the application due to our adoption of the NIST and CDM recommendations.

Over the next few weeks we will be providing resources for our existing customers to take our Jigsaw University training and to download our sensor products, big data platform and other software based products. Seminars and on site training will also be available to those customers under a master service agreement.

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