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Did Trump just kill the Government's response to Cyber Threats?

Today we started seeing reports that the Trump White house has decided to cut out the position of the Administrations Cybersecurity Coordinator position. This is highly troubling at a time when the number of detected attacks continues to increase. We have been watching multiple Government agencies outlining their Cyber posture and plan such as the recently released cybersecurity strategy plan provided by DHS last week as well as several reports out of the OMB showing that the risk is increasing.

What doesn't make much sense is that the Whitehouse itself was targeted by Russian threat actors successfully and agencies are scrambling trying to ensure the safety of their networks. Jigsaw Security's breach monitoring shows that several Government websites have gone offline for various periods of time and some have even been hacked such as our detection of a NIST website being taken offline and restored due to malicious actors successfully breaching the site.

Now is not the time to be cutting Cyber security capabilities but to be adding them Mr. President.


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