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Jigsaw ROV Build Log - Yes we are building an ROV platform

Yes you heard that correctly. Jigsaw Security is currently in the process of designing, testing and developing our own underwater ROV platform. Over the next few weeks and months we will update you on our progress from time to time.

Why an ROV?

Well that's an easy question to answer. First and foremost we are a security company. As such we have to provide security in the air, on the ground and underwater. That's why we are building an underwater ROV that will be capable of supporting search and rescue missions, exploration and science and technology testing.

Are you building from scratch?

Well one of the first things we did at Jigsaw was do a cost analysis on buy vs. build. After researching the current market we quickly determined that there was no market available platform that had all of the sensors that we require for conducting underwater security. There are many platform that do imagery and some built for recovery of objects, our platform will be different in that it will be able to do imagery to include LIDAR, sonar, IR and normal photography as well as autonomous launch and recovery. Other aspects of our platform will remain a secret but we can assure you that our system will be unlike any other underwater ROV on the market. We know because we have been researching this field for quite some time.

Our ROV will NOT be built 100% from scratch as there are many really good products on the market. Our platform will be useful for port security, science and research as well as personal use.

Will the platform be available for public purchase?

Initially the platform will only be available for military, Government and vetted security customers. We may in the future sell our platform to other private companies but initially it will be restricted to very specific end users.

What will the platform cost?

Currently we are not completely sure of what the cost of development, deployment and manufacturing will be. Based on our current work and design we believe that the total platform cost will be less than $1000. The bulk of the cost will be in the sensor technology.

Power Source and Longevity

The ROV will be powered by 12V DC and will be rechargeable via solar, in dock charging or through the use of standard batteries. We believe from our testing that the platform will have an operational range of several miles and up to 2 hours of continuous propulsion. Specific speed limiting will be enabled to ensure consistent and steady power consumption. On board power management will be critical to the range and platforms usefulness. As we get more and more into the manufacturing process, we will have real world statistics on the range, power and capabilities.

About the Jigsaw Security R&D Team: The Jigsaw Security R&D team works to provide innovative security in cyber security, aerial security, land and facility security as well as underwater and port security. The Jigsaw Security R&D team provides highly technical security products in computing, industry and in manufacturing. Learn more about the Jigsaw Security R&D team on the Jigsaw Security website available at

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