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Jigsaw ROV Build Log - Entering Full Testing Stage

Norfolk, VA - Jigsaw Security has announced that the full testing stage for our port protection and research ROV has begun. To date Jigsaw Security has conducted various testing to ensure that the platform being designed and built will be able to support multiple payloads and have multiple configurations depending on the particular use case the ROV is being implemented.

Currently Jigsaw Security has entered full testing to ensure long term stability and to ensure that the vehicle can be reliably manufactured utilizing commercial off the shelf technologies.

Current testing and status

  • Tested 1/4 scale model for flotation and stability testing was completed on 5/25/2018

  • Initial platform test to validate manufacturing process

  • Continued test to confirm manufacturing sealant process

Currently we are working on the full scale version of the flotation platform. Additional information will be provided during our build log. Interested parties can contact the Jigsaw Security media contact for additional information.

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