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MSS News: Jigsaw Security to launch Value Added Reseller Program

Starting next month Jigsaw Security will be implementing a value added reseller program. The program will allow other security companies to resell and utilize our software, threat intelligence and hardware based solutions. More details will be released in the coming weeks as well as a reseller portal that can be accessed from the Jigsaw Security website. Value added resellers will be able to utilize all of the Jigsaw Security portfolio for a flat rate and can eliminate their cost by reselling our solutions to their customers.

Benefits of the Jigsaw Value Added Reseller Program:

  • Use of Jigsaw Security Threat Intelligence to protect your and your customers networks

  • Threat Intelligence Alerts and Online Access

  • Discounts on Jigsaw Security Software and Hardware Products

  • Profit Sharing with our MSS Partners

  • Training on Jigsaw Products

Stay tuned to our Blog and Website for the official announcement. An official press release is forthcoming in the next few days.

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