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OSINT-X renamed to the Panther Platform

Jigsaw Security's OSINT-X platform now includes many third party OSINT sources to include data from Paste sites, IRC server and social media from Facebook and Twitter. This new capability allows Jigsaw analyst to track the activity of malicious actors on forums such as IRC. This intelligence data then can be used to determine who is being targeted and how. In addition we have added some underground dark web sources that will allow us to track illegal activity, malware creation and marketing as well as stolen credentials.

Panther Platform

In order to split off the OSINT collection capabilities of Jigsaw Security, we have renamed the OSINT-X components to the Panther Platform. The Panther Platform will be strictly for ingesting and monitoring open source data from social media, web locations, RSS and similar content that is frequently updated. In addition modules for Facebook, RSS, Pastebin, Dark Web, Twitter and similar locations can be tracked with the platform.

4 in 10 companies private data shows up on the web

Nearly 4 out of every 10 major companies have data leaked to the Internet and they typically are not even aware. This new method of tracking OSINT data will allow Jigsaw Security analyst to keep better tabs on information leaks of many companies all at the same time in a single platform.

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