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Jigsaw Security adds new capabilities to FirstWatch Sensor

Jigsaw Security has updated our FirstWatch DNS security appliance to provide new capabilities in detection.

Here are the new features:

  • Mass Scan Automated Sinkholing

  • Non Existent Domain Tracking

  • TOR Attack Mitigation

  • Phishing Email Automated Blocking

  • Suspicious Domain Lookup Detection

  • Proxy Scanning Detection

  • HTTP Parsing Module

  • Web Panel Detection

  • Automated Sensor to TAXII server integration

  • Port Scan Mitigation

  • Data Leakage Detection

  • Suspicious Bandwidth Usage Monitoring - Excluding high bandwidth sites

These new modules make our already great sensor product even better. In addition to these additional features, we have also created new installers for Windows, Linux and Mac workstations.

In addition we have turned on a MISP plugin to allow direct threat intelligence integration in the sensor.

As always we continue to build new capabilities to assist your security teams preventing infections. The new FirstWatch sensor now runs in Amazon, Azure and other cloud based providers with a simple 2 step install script.

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