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Vulnerability alerts in different formats? Doesn't matter!

Image: A US-CERT bulletin links to external content.

One of the biggest issues that we see when trying to keep track of all of the vulnerabilities that come out are the various formats vendors use to report these issues to their customers. For instance US-CERT and ICS-CERT in some cases will link to the vendors report for issues. There is no simplified way of getting the content of those bulletins into a single system, until now.

Jigsaw Security has added the capability of ingesting many different types of bulletins into our systems regardless of what format the vendor puts them in for publication. In some cases there will be databases such as the CVE database, or web page descriptions of the problem or the vendor may email bulletins to customers. Our new Raptor plugin will take these bulletins and put them all into text or document formats so that the content can be easily searched allowing you to search across all vendors for specific keywords or vulnerability types such as "web server" as an example.

This new capability will ensure that regardless of the format of the bulletins, Jigsaw Security analyst will have the data at their fingertips to determine quickly if a bulletin is applicable or not to a particular customer.

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