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MSS News: Today's Daily Report

Today's News

More Federal Agencies Wrapped up in Facebook Data Privacy Probe - The SEC, FBI, and DOJ are all investigating Facebook according to Threatpost. Facebook is under fire for their handling of the Cambridge Analytica matter in which personal information from Facebook was used to provide information during the 2016 election.

Several people familiar with the matter have begun tweeting and writing about the investigation publicly over the last few days.

Today's Incidents

RANCOR: Targeted Attacks in South East Asia using PLAINTEE - Additional reporting of this incident by various security organizations. Event: 28831

Outlook Phishing Email APT Based - A report of several well formatted APT email phishing attacks have been reported. Event: 28828

Analyst Note

Other than the indicated events it's quiet before the US holiday. As usual, we fully expect that attacks will probably pickup in the next 24 hours as the holiday approaches and threat actors will be able to operate with a lower likelihood of detection.

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