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MSS News: Today's Security Activity

Today's Security News

Detroit Gasoline Theft: We have observed some reports of gasoline theft in Detroit that appears to be a physical hack of the gas pump controls. We fully expect this to continue to be an issue as thieves become more skilled at methods of physical attack. There are still a lot more questions than answers on this incident. Article Link:

Dark Web Activity Update: Started seeing large amounts of inexpensive accounts being sold on the dark web. (Blog Post).

Today's Security Events

Masscan Activity: We are getting reports of an uptick in Masscan activity. Typically this indicates that threat actors are looking for security vulnerabilities in public facing systems. Event: 28897

Spam Emails: We are seeing spam from several domains to include stormyachiever[.]com and malicious ads from t1.tentaculos[.]net. Event: 28897

Uptick in Portscanning: We are seeing a large amount of traffic from 185.222.211[.]98 which was also observed by Artillery Threat Feed and Alienvault. Event: 28897

Some of the most active campaigns includes RIG EK, APT28 and various other annoying attackers.


185.222.211[.]98 193.238.130[.]169 23.23.120[.]28 35.190.39[.]246 stormyachiever[.]com t1.tentaculos[.]net

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