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PHISHING: UPS Delivery Notification Example

Nearly everyday we see phishing attempts and in order to spread awareness from time to time we will share some examples with our blog readers. Here's the never ending UPS delivery Notification messages as an example.

As you can see in the message there is one dead giveaway right away, the domain intruck[.]com which is claiming to be United Parcel Service in the received message.

Looking at the link the click here part of the email reveals the domain[REDACTED].

So as you can see there are 2 dead giveaways right there. Digging into the source of the message also reveals the servers that sent the message which we have seen before (105.0.5[.]93).

While these messages look legitimate they serve as gateways to malware infections, farther spamming activity and ransomware.

As always be vigilant and do not click on links unless you are expecting the email and you verify that the links point to legitimate services.



105.0.5[.]93 - A repeat offender

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