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Jigsaw Security Intelligence full speed ahead

Jigsaw Security, located in Norfolk, Virginia today announced that we have updated our OSINT data sources to include over 116 million news and reference articles from over 200 sources. The Jigsaw Analytic platform being an open framework allows integration of data from other organizations through normalization on ingestion. This new widget in our framework allows us to scour news and media sites, databases and public records to find information of relevance to our cyber security investigators.

A New Way Forward

As we grow in the cyber security field we have realized that there is a lack of intelligence based products. Many of the companies we have worked with do NOT have their own internal intelligence teams and the ones that do score poorly during security assessments because they miss details. This new platform ensures that companies can track their sentiment, news coverage as well as any leaks of information that may occur.

The methodology of the platform is to ingest once and use many times. Using technology from Elasticsearch and aleph as a basis has allowed us to bring in more data, in a standard format and with performance that allows quick recall of data during reporting and incident response.

For more information on the Jigsaw Security integration of these sources you can speak with a sales representative or sign up for future updates on the Jigsaw Security website.

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