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MSS News: Today's Activity Report

Recent News

HackRead reports 10 airports where your devices can be hacked: This article shows the vulnerabilities in using public Wifi especially in high traffic areas such as airports.

Jigsaw Security reports similarities between Blackgear and PlugX Malware: This article is available only to subscribers of Jigsaw Threat Intelligence. Customers can research this and other events on the Jigsaw Enterprise Threat Intelligence platform or the Jigsaw Analytic Platform.

Surprisingly we have not observed any NETCORE or router exploits in the past 24 hours. Yesterday we reported that this activity was being seen coming from AWS servers but has since stopped.

Jigsaw Security CEO to speak at the Avsentia Cyber Security Summit in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Mr. Wetzel will be covering the topic of insider threats and how to detect them. You can register for the event here.


Recent Events

Increased Malware Domains Threat: A large number of domains have been sinkholed due to an increase in virus and malware activity. Event: 28935

UPS Themed Phishing Emails: A large number of UPS themed email phishing messages have been observed today. We have blocked several domains (see below) and reported on the incident. Event: 28934


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