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Jigsaw Security becomes Micro Focus VAR and Partner

Jigsaw Security today annouced that we have joined Micro Focus in supporting legacy HP (Hewlett Packard) software products. Jigsaw Security has extensive experience in the automation space to include server and network automation products. In 2008 we successfully delivered HP products for the United States postal service as well as US Army under contract.

This partnership will allow us to continue utilizing our engineering support of legacy HP products and will also allow Jigsaw to resell Micro Focus products and services as part of the Jigsaw Threat Mitigation Model.

As part of our continued push to provide the highest level of security products and services, Jigsaw believes that Micro Focus is strategically placed in our portfolio for success with our continued contracting support and security operations.

Micro Focus provides endpoint security and management that fits directly with our workload and application management strategies deployed in the Jigsaw Threat Mitigation Model. In addition to providing services under the JTMM, Jigsaw Security will continue to support HP hardware but will be strategically able to provide support to Micro Focus now that they have acquired the HP software suites in which our engineers have been working for the past several years.

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