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Jigsaw Security to release a Secure version of ReactOS

Jigsaw Security recently started working with ReactOS in our lab. What we find very interesting about ReactOS is that many of the security vulnerabilities in Windows are not present in React at all. In fact there is only one CVS issue from 2007 and then silence. We are testing the security of the operating system to determine if it can be utilized by our customers to provide a free desktop image for corporate users. Many in the high tech industries we deal with would be served well to have a free operating system that looks and performs similar to Windows without the security issues. In addition all Jigsaw Windows based applications will run in ReactOS natively.

Jigsaw Security will be releasing a virtualized OS environment complete with Jigsaw encryption in the next few days. This secure operating system will allow companies to communicate security using their already existing web based, cloud based and Windows based applications.

Plans for release include the following features and Jigsaw featured products which will be native in the Jigsaw ReactOS build.

Features Included:

  • Jigsaw Data Lock High Strength Proprietary Encryption

  • Jigsaw Security Host Based IDS System and Endpoint Protection

  • Jigsaw RPZ DNS Security pre-configured

For more information or to download the Jigsaw ReactOS build. Follow our security portfolio for the official release.

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