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MSS News: Today's daily report

Security News

Parasite HTTP RAT reports of continued activity - Hackread - Read Here

Hackread is reporting instances of Parasite RAT which we have also been observing lately. You can read about what is occurring at the link provided.

New version of Kronos Banking Trojan spotted suing Tor network - Hackread - Read Here

Jigsaw Security has been reporting on Kronos for awhile now. Today those in the security industry are reporting some new activity in which Tor connections have been observed from the malware family.

Calisto Malware Reports - Various

Today we have seen an increase in the number of Calisto Malware infections. Many of these infections are going undetected due to changing IOC's which is why Jigsaw Security does not recommending using IOC's to detect malicious activity.

Underminer Exploit Kit - Trend Micro - Read Here

We are seeing reports of Underminer and Trend Micro put out some information that is of use in detecting this activity. The technical brief can be read here. Jigsaw Event: 28977

Security Events

Underminer Exploit Kit - Jigsaw Event: 28977

Noted a report by Trend Micro and activity triggering on sensors indicating an increase in this type of activity.

Domain Activity - Jigsaw Event: Multiple Events

Jigsaw Security has updated our Domain Activity Feed to include new indicators. These domains are hosting malware and being utilized by threat actors to infect workstations.


The following IOC's are new and were observed today and are associated with router activity, phishing and other attacks.




178.128.252[.]252 - Multiple Reports

To gain insight into Jigsaw Security threat bulletins and threat intelligence you can subscribe to our service on the main page. There are free and paid intelligence available.

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