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Jigsaw Security provides Hash Reference Library to Law Enforcement and Forensics Examiners

Norfolk, VA - Jigsaw Security announced today that the company has created a hash reference library available to law enforcement and forensics examiners. Those organizations that are interest in obtaining the hash set can register on the Jigsaw Security website by clicking the subscribe button. Law Enforcement entities and verified forensics examiner will then be granted access to Jigsaw Security's Hash Reference Library. The library is designed to allow forensics investigators to quickly locate several topics of data during digital examinations. See the list of topics included in the hash reference library below:

Included Reference Sets

Child Pornography Video and Imagery Hash Set

Exploitation Imagery Hash Set

Malware and Virus Identification Hash Set

APT Activity Hash Set

Other Reference Materials

The hash set is provided in machine readable format

Law enforcement and forensics examiners will be provided with a digital account so that they can receive the most up to date information that we have in our intelligence system. For more information on this or any other post you can use chat feature available on the Jigsaw Security website to page an analyst or support personnel. This is just one way that Jigsaw Security can bring resources to assist investigators in their identification of illegal activity during investigations.

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