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NC PPSB TSCM Certification Training - Sept 10th - Sept 14th Raleigh, NC

Jigsaw Security has announced an upcoming PPSB certification training class that will be held September 10th through the 14th in Raleigh, North Carolina. The course which is approved by the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board for licensing will be held 8 miles east of Raleigh and will be held daily. The course covers licensing topics, technical topics and practical exercises, new technology in the TSCM arena as well as labs and final testing and certification.

Several states require licensing for those companies and individuals wishing to provide Electronic Countermeasures services for hire. These states North Carolina and Nevada (when working for a casino) require formal training and/or certification. Jigsaw Security Enterprise Inc. is an approved Electronic Countermeasures school for licensing by the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board. Our instructor Mr. Wetzel has performed hundreds of Electronic sweeps over the last 20 years and provides a complete introductory course and certification course for those individuals and companies wishing to get licensed to perform Electronic Countermeasure services. Read below for class information and scheduling.

Register for this course here or visit

Please Note: This course is only available to US Citizens. Register early and ensure you have a passport, US birth certificate or other proof of citizenship prior to attending this course.

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