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We look so you don't have to - Automation Advances

One of the most time consuming task in threat hunting and prevention is identification of malicious content, malware and virus activity. The team at Jigsaw Security uses commercial and open source utilities to monitor OSINT, the dark web, virus reports, integration of modular pivoting software and threat intelligence collection platforms to find and report on activity every day. Most organizations cannot dedicate the required resources to finding threats as it is time consuming and costly to track cyber security events.

Using Automation

In tracking malicious activity, you have to have some level of automation. There are nearly 300,000+ unique threats observed every single day. It is not possible for most companies to monitor and report on every single cyber related event that occurs without some sort of automation. At Jigsaw Security, we utilize various frameworks to make the job of identifying and reporting on threats easier.

When threats are detected by our automated systems they are put in a queue for review by our analyst. Our systems monitor over 480 points of data and bring all of the information observed into a single console for review. While reviewing events our analyst then utilize the Jigsaw Analytic Platform to either confirm or rule out a threat. Threat's that are confirmed are instantly added to our threat intelligence which in turn are distributed to our clients sensors that protect them from intrusion.

Fig 1: Data is distributed using MISP (Malware Information Sharing Platform) and then used by Jigsaw FirstWatch sensors to disrupt malware threats as they occur.

Customers Helping Customers

Another way that we protect customers is when a customer reports an incident. If we can confirm that the incident is a real threat, the information provided by the customer is then shared with all of our other customers, and their sensors, firewalls, proxy servers, etc.

All Managed Security Providers are not equal

Jigsaw Security monitors many customer networks typically cheaper and more effectively than you can monitor your own network. By becoming a managed security customer, Jigsaw Security not only monitors for suspicious activity but actively stops intrusions using several technologies. You no longer have to buy expensive and ineffective solutions.

Our managed security process is simple, can be deployed in a day, and is highly effective at protecting your network from malware, viruses and hackers. See why we were selected as the "Most Innovative Cyber Security Product" in the Hampton Roads region. While other MSP's charge you ton's of money for failures by deploying costly and ineffective incident response, we prevent the incidents from occurring in the first place. We believe we should be rewarded for our success, not our failures and believe that the industry is profiting off of the misfortune of companies affected by cyber intrusions. Don't pay these MSP's for their failures, get with an MSP that prevents the attack from occurring in the first place.

For a demo of our solutions just chat on our website and we will schedule an in depth demonstration of our security products.

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