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Forensics Mirror - Free Tools for Investigators

One of the most requested things we do at Jigsaw is computer forensics. There are many tools available that can be utilized for free to handle your forensics needs.

At the request of some of our investigators we have decided to mirror our forensics tools so that you can download free utilities to help you with your forensics needs.

The mirror is available to subscribers of Jigsaw Security's daily updates and members of the website.

Tools Available

FTK Imager - Used for imaging computers

Autopsy 32 Bit - Used to analyze computers and cell phones

Autopsy 64 Bit - Used to analyze computers and cell phones

DD - Used to image Linux systems

EXIF Tool - Used to get information about individual files


We did not include mobile forensics tools in this post.

Commercial Options

We highly recommend the software provided by Guidance Software for your forensics needs. Jigsaw Security is an OpenText value added reseller and integrator. You can view their solutions here. When dealing with computer forensics you want to make sure you have a supported option available.

Join us on Forensics Focus Forums

We highly recommend becoming a member on Forensics Focus, find the latest news from industry leaders, manufacturers, law enforcement and look for open positions on the forum. You can visit Forensics Focus by clicking here.

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