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Wind Energy and the Jigsaw Security Technology hub

Every day there is talk about off grid energy and how it can be utilized by companies and when building homes to lower the cost of lighting, heating and other utilities. in 2018 Jigsaw Security began working with turbine technology to provide emergency lighting and power to buildings during natural disasters. The technology could also be used as a primary source of power in some areas that have more windy days than non windy days.

The Science behind the project

As we began working on this project, we realized that our primary office has more windy days than non windy days. At our primary office location we average wind speeds of 8MPH (or more) daily for more than at least 3 hours per day more than 300 days out of the year. That's the reason Amazon built their wind farm in our back yard and we intend on taking advantage of this to generate our own power for our office.

A view of the Amazon wind farm in Elizabeth City, North Carolina

The value in capturing wind power is highest on coastal areas that typically see more wind than places farther inland. Since all of our facilities are in coastal areas, we look to take advantage of this to farther cut down on Jigsaw Security energy consumption.

Read about our 3D printing of turbine technology on this page. Stay tuned, as we continue working on this project we will be posting stats and additional information that may be of interest.

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