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Jigsaw Security enters MSSP Market

Jigsaw Security has officially offered a managed security offering. The solution includes Jigsaw Security's own infrastructure to provide the subscription service. In addition there is no difference between using VM, Hardware or cloud based sensors. Jigsaw Security can provide either hardware, VM or cloud hosted sensor solutions at the same cost (up to 10 sensors). Each additional sensor will be billed at $6995.95 annually for use above and beyond the included 10 sensors in the subscription.

Included Services in the Subscription

  • DNS Sinkhole Service (blocking threat actors DNS request)

  • Threat Intelligence Automation into the Jigsaw Security Sensors

  • Jigsaw Security Sensors (On Premise, AWS/Azure/Jigsaw or Hosted Sensor)

  • Jigsaw Security Analytic Platform (Sensor Data Dashboard)

This solution provides all of this for less than the cost of hiring one security professional. The annual subscription for up to 10 sensors is $79995.95. You can read more about the technology and what is included by requesting an on boarding package.

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