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What's New at Jigsaw? - 97% Satisfaction Rating on our past 6 contracts, hurricane volunteers an

New ICS Platform Features

Over the last several months we have rolled out a new feature to allow security researchers that work with IoT and devices to more easily search our system to find vulnerability information by product, software version or manufacturer. We realized and customers noted that it's not possible to provide the same run of the mill indicators when it comes to IoT devices because quite frankly, IoT and ICS devices do not really have indicators and cannot be tracked the same as other vulnerabilities (with the exception of vulnerable versions) so we came up with a novel solution.

Since version 2 of our platform we have had the ability to do full text character recognition of documents, webpages, PDF documents and over 190 plus file types. Instead of trying to create threat intelligence objects in our system to match IoT devices, we simply ingest the full text documents and vulnerability disclosures from the manufacturers directly into our platform. This allows our customers to also see in the document exactly what fixes are recommended by the manufacturers (see below).

Jigsaw Security Analytic Platform showing search results by product

This new method of searching for vulnerable software makes it easy for us provide the actual manufacturers recommendations on IoT and other vulnerabilities. We have expanded our library of information to include other types of vulnerabilities as well to include ICS-CERT, US-CERT, FBI and other bulletins and full text disclosures in an easily searchable format.

Hurricane Recovery and getting back to work

As many of you may know we are based in the Carolina's. Over the last week we have been working to provide several types of support to include coordination, resources and utilizing corporate assets to assist in the disaster recovery operations that are taking place. While the news media has really stopped covering the hurricane, thousands of people are needing everything from food, shelter and medications. There are several non-profit organizations that we have been working with to try and get supplies and needed items out to those most in need. Even though the news has stopped covering the tragedy as much, there is still a great need for assistance with transportation, logistical flights to get people, supplies, materials and medications out to the elderly and affected individuals some of which have lost everything they own in this disaster. While running our business is important, saving lives and assisting in recovery efforts are even more important so we are operating on a skeleton crew the next week or two until the recovery flights, coordination and resources will be slowly shifted into a long term support strategy.

During disasters it is nearly impossible for FEMA to get resources into the areas where they are needed. Because of this, many volunteers provide everything from clothing to meals and transportation assistance using private aircraft and volunteers, mapping assistance to find passable routes for those assisting in the recovery and rescue missions to move the elderly or those not able to drive out of affected areas. We encourage you to volunteer and provide any assistance you can during this time of need and ask that our customer be patient while we encourage our personnel to take time to assist.

97% Satisfaction Rating - Open Ratings and Past Performance

Recently Jigsaw Security was audited by an outside third party which reviewed our last 6 contracts. During this review it was noted that our customer gave us a 97% approval rating based on actual work performed under contract. This is significant but we will always strive for 100% satisfaction. While we are happy with these results we believe we can do better and will always strive for a perfect rating.

Awards and Recognition

We have been highly blessed the past few months with several awards and recognition from the industry. It is nice to start to see the hard work of our dedicated staff and personnel paying off. We have also been fortunate to have seen an uptick in our platforms and are happy to being moving forward. While we like awards, we like keeping our customers safe from malicious activity, threats and espionage activity. We have been provided several letters of recognition and recommendation as well as the Emerging Cyber Security product of the year award in our region as well as national media exposure with some recent events.

Let's keep this ball rolling.

If you have any information you would like to share with Jigsaw Security we want to hear from you. We also would like feedback both positive and negative so we can better assess how well we are protecting our customers. If there is a product or service that you think would help to round out our offerings by all means please make the suggestion. All of our existing products came from customers providing suggestions or from previous work so our customer drive our development and consulting cycles. Until next week thanks for reading and be safe out there!

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