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Jigsaw Moves into Managed Deception Technology Space

Starting today, Jigsaw Security customers can opt into our managed security as well as our new managed deception network offering. How the offering works is simple. Instead of allowing attackers into your real network, we redirect them to an emulated network which we monitor and control. This uncovers that threat actors techniques, tools and methods as well as tells us what data the attacker is most interested in based on their activity.

This new capability will allow Jigsaw Security to better protect our customers. When an SSH brute force occurs as an example we can redirect the attacker to our deception network and monitor what data they start looking for. This cat and mouse game then escalates to a new level because we can see exactly what the attackers try to do thinking that they have gained access to a live resource.

Managed Security Offerings

Jigsaw Security provides the following managed security offering which is cheaper than hiring a single security engineer but highly effective at stopping attackers and preventing data loss and embarrassment.

  • Threat Intelligence Feeds and Data (automatically updates FirstWatch sensors below)

  • FirstWatch Sensors

  • Jigsaw Analytic Platform (For analyzing what attackers are doing and threats in real time)

  • STIX/TAXII integration

  • OSINT-X Intelligence Collections - Monitor your brand and if your being targeted on the Dark Web or any other web based platform by looking for sensitive information or references to your company and/or brand

For more information or to see a demo of our technology please contact us through the chat feature on the website.

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