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Jigsaw Analytic Platform now supports Office 365 Natively and other news

Jigsaw Security has integrated fully with Office 365 natively in our threat intelligence and NoSQL intelligence platform. Previously we would just ingest raw data but as of today the newest module will ingest Office 365 logs natively. This feature is great for companies that are using a mix of on premise and offsite hardware.

The new feature can be implemented in an automated manner meaning all new logs are automatically captured and stored indefinitely in the platform. Items captures include all audit detail to include email access, email message data, Sharepoint and Azure access and use as well as security auditing. This method of ingesting the data now extends Jigsaw Security's solutions directly into the cloud.

Jigsaw Integration with Vultr, AWS and Azure - Also FedRamp Compliant Solutions

There are many options in which to host your big data platform. Many companies are wanting to move their data to the cloud but are hesitant to do so due to security concerts. With the release of version 5 of our platform we built in the ability to ingest literally ANY data source. In doing so we have fully determined that our solutions will run natively on Vultr, AWS and Azure securely. This gives our customers new options in which to try our solutions and to migrate very inexpensively without having to buy costly hardware. For as little as $500 a month in hosting charges you can usually maintain your logs for 7-10 years.

Jigsaw CEO to speak twice next week

CEO and founder of Jigsaw security Kevin Wetzel will be speaking on Tuesday at the Avsentia Cyber Security event in Philedelphia and on Weds at the DOT Cybersecurity Symposium in Washington D.C. Mr. Wetzel will be discussion insider threat as well as turning the tide on attackers using deception methods and automated network defense.

Our latest technology allows some pretty serious deception to occur. Stay tuned for a new project that will allow you to protect your networks and device using threat actor deception.

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