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Digital Ocean let's hackers go after home user modems

Nearly daily we put out information on the latest attacks observed so that companies can check their logs to see if they are being affected by malicious activity. Yesterday the SOC engineer on duty received reports of 3 different IP addresses all trying to leverage the same exploits against home and business routers owned by the telecom company. Upon researching and then going back and looking at historical data he was surprised that all of the attacks were originating from Digital Ocean and have been for quite some time. Since February we have been observing automated scripts and hacking and it appears as though Digital Ocean is allowing the activity to continue. Looking at shows that the problem has existed for quite a while longer.

One option is to just drop all of Digital Oceans traffic and if they keep allowing the activity, we may just have to do that on our distributed platform to protect our clients. It's hard enough to keep hackers at bay, let alone hosting and cloud providers.

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