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Jigsaw Security expands TSCM capabilities

As more and more cyber security relate attacks occur, many companies and agencies forget that technical attacks that are non IT based are still occurring at an alarming rate. Every year over 6 billion dollars in intellectual property theft occurs in the US against US companies and their trade secrets. In order to continue to provide the highest level of protection for our customers we have determined that we have to expand our technical security capabilities to include newer methods of attack.

Jigsaw Security keeps adding equipment and training our personnel on the threats associated with signals interception and other attacks that are technical but often overlooked by IT security departments that receive most if not all of the technical security budget in most organizations. Companies are failing to protect against the most basic of these attacks and are not only being targeted but also being breached using technical surveillance methods. Many companies are failing to realize that those cell phones being brought into the companies buildings are being utilized to track employees (by MAC address) as well as conversations utilizing highly technical attacks. Trade secrets are being targeted and many articles have been previously shared to demonstrate just how dangerous these attacks can be for your customers.

Attackers are more frequently targeting the areas that we take for granted such as WIFI and Bluetooth to gain information that otherwise would not be public. Many corporate audits we conduct show that nearly 95% of companies are doing nothing to protect against technical surveillance attacks that are highly successful.

Barrier to Entry - No More

Traditionally the barrier to entry in conducting these highly technical attacks were in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Over the last several years with equipment cost and new types of surveillance gear showing up in the market, the barrier to entry now in in the hundred dollar range.

Jigsaw Security is available to provide your TSCM services anywhere in the US. To schedule an assessment please call us from a cell phone outside of the area in which you would like checked and we will schedule the assessment. In many cases the assessment is conducted quickly with items needing attention being readily identified within hours. Call 800-447-2150 to talk to a TSCM expert.

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