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Upcoming Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Training Announced

Jigsaw Security announced today an upcoming Technical Surveillance Countermeasures training course that will be open to industry, Government and the security sector. The training will be conducted from January 7th through the 11th, 2019 in Norfolk, Virginia. Read below to find out more about this course, attendance, registration as well as the requirements. This course is also approved by the North Carolina Private Protective Services board for those interested in obtaining their Electronic Countermeasures license within the state of North Carolina.

About the Course

Under North Carolina law anyone working in the capacity within the field of Electronic Countermeasures must have 3 years experience within the past 10 years, or successful completion of a counterintelligence course at a Board approved school. (See G.S. 74C-3(a)(3), 74C-8, 74C-9, 74C-10, 14B NCAC 16.0402). This course is approved as Jigsaw Security is an approved electronics countermeasures school.

About the Curriculum

Jigsaw Security has created a fully integrated training system which includes online course for those that learn visually, practical in classroom demonstration of techniques, methods as well as construction of detection devices and a full 900+ page slideshow and manual for attendees. In addition all students that take the course are provided with software defined equipment that is yours to keep at the conclusion of the training.

Why this training is needed in the industry

In many cases parties responsible for making security decisions have spent large amounts of money on Cyber related protection, because of this other security topics outside cyber and physical security often get overlooked even though corporate espionage cost US companies over $16 billion in lost revenue (and probably higher) due to technical attacks. In fact many cyber security related attacks start out with technical targeting. In this course you will learn how to detect electronic surveillance, eavesdropping and other common methods that hackers and attackers utilized to spy on their targets before cyber security related attacks take place.

In many cases threat actors will target the electronic assets of a corporation to include personal cell phones, surveillance of individuals, surreptitious eavesdropping on corporations and executives and similar methods to gain information that can be utilized in cyber related attacks. In many cases cyber attacks can be prevented with proper electronic countermeasures being put in place.

This course provides a solid introduction into the methods, techniques of the adversary as well as the methods, policies and strategy to defeat this type of technical threat. We also cover non technical threats so that you can fully understand how businesses are being targeted and what corporate and Government clients can do to prevent such highly advanced technical attack vectors.

What materials are covered in the course?

The course topics are too many to list here but some of the main areas include the following:

  • Executive protection considerations

  • Ensuring corporate meetings remain private

  • Types and methods of listening devices

  • Types and methods of visual eavesdropping and monitoring

  • Wireless and signals security

  • History of eavesdropping

  • Voice over IP security

  • Detection of targeted one time use malware (not detected by security products)

  • Detection Equipment and Gear

  • Telephone Attacks

  • Spies and motivations

  • Legal Issues

  • Internet and Cell Phone tracking techniques

  • Introduction to Martin Kaiser and why North Carolina requires licensing

  • Amplifiers and their use

  • Devices that have been found by Jigsaw Security in the US

  • Background Checks and their importance when hiring

  • Consent issues

These are some of the topics covered in the first 2 days. Additional topics include a review of laws and their impact on security, ethical considerations, real world incidents and review, sweeping methods, labs and much more.

Cost of the Training

This course is being sponsored by the Jigsaw Security team so we are offering this one time discount for the course. Normally the course is $1495.95 per person but we are offering this one time discounted registration at $695.95 per student ($595 for students that are current PPSB license holders), AFCEA members can take the course for $295 and Government representatives with valid ID will not be charged for attendance. Registration is limited on a first come, first served basis. Please read the requirements below prior to registering.

Requirements for Registration

Must be a US citizen (dual citizens are NOT eligible to take this course)

Must have a clear criminal background

Must agree to sign release of liability

Registration (Seats are limited)

To register for this course click here

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