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Fireeye Report gets it mostly right

We have been reading through reports lately on DNS hijacking and misdirection from Fireeye as well as DHS and other vendors. One often overlooked area not being mentioned in the CDN vulnerabilities we have been talking about for awhile now. Just this week we noted that there has been reporting on the Linux Package Manager as well as other updaters such as VLC player. We have been observing actual attacks on these platforms for quite some time now utilizing DNS redirection (SINKHOLE) being used to redirect users to malicious sites that push infected code to the end users requesting application updates. Another problem is that many of these applications are pulling content from Content Delivery Networks which are being injected with malicious copies of the requested programs with malware being sent along with the updated software versions.

We started looking at Portable Apps installations as one area where we observed many applications updating over HTTP and we have posted previous guidance on how to verify these installations through known hashes.

While we appreciate the DNS bulletin, customers on some ISP's are seeing this occur more often depending on what IP address space is making the request. The same technology used to sinkhole malicious traffic is now being weaponized to infect unsuspecting end users.

You can read earlier blog postings about this issue.

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