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FirstWatch now runs in Docker

Jigsaw Security supports many platforms to include AWS, Azure, Vultr and Rackspace as some examples of where our technologies are deployed. Over the years we have been flexible in deploying our solutions in whatever environment our customers have available to them. So in short we support cloud and on premise installations.

Today we have released an update to our sourcecode that includes a DockerFile to install our sensor in a docker environment. In addition, we will be making the sensor available via dockerhub as well.

It will allow people to try the code without buying anything and will provide some basic functionality and monitoring. To get the full benefit of the sensor, you will have to update the API key setting in the configuration file and restart the sensor.

Where does the Jigsaw Security sensor run?

  • AWS

  • Azure

  • Vultr

  • Rackspace

  • Virtually Any Cloud Environment

  • Docker

  • VMWare

  • VirtualBox

  • Native Linux Hardware

  • Native Windows Hardware (Must install some additional software)

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