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New Wire Service provides news to your Intelligence Platform

Jigsaw Security's new wire service will stream news articles, titles and information directly to your intelligence platform. The service, an offshoot of our OSINT-X ingest framework will pull news articles and store the full text of the articles in your intelligence platform for long term storage, analytics and other reporting and research.

One of the main issues with many platforms is that if an article or topic is removed from a website it disappears from archived data. With this service, all articles and the full text are stored for as long as configured. Currently Jigsaw Security maintains an archive of over 10 years worth of news articles that are used for research and development of analytics and testing.

Customers can pinpoint the information that is relevant for their business use case and it will stream to the customer in full text RSS feeds that are dynamically updated every minute with news as it becomes available. This feature is different than RSS which only provides a paragraph or introduction in most cases. The service will stream the text, images and multimedia content from virtually any website to include Facebook,. Twitter and custom developed feeds that are created especially for the customers requirements.

Included Feeds

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • RSS Feeds

  • Popular News Sites such as Google and MSN

  • Any website that publishes content

  • Github

  • Reddit

  • Mailboxes (Exchange or Pop3 Mailboxes)

  • Many other or custom content

For a demo of this please message the Jigsaw Security development team and we will show you how we have been utilizing this feature in our news collection and reporting for well over 10 years now. If you ever wanted to build your own fusion center or intelligence subscription service, this option is there to support your needs.

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