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Jigsaw Supports Bind 9 Fully through RPZ Subscription

Jigsaw Security is set to start providing Bind 9 RPZ services. Currently today we do this for our own network and several other customers networks. This RPZ subscription will automatically block all malicious domains and known ransomware without an requirement other than using a Jigsaw subscribed DNS server. To add the Jigsaw Security RPZ zones its a simple as scheduling an update through a script in your Bind DNS server.

The server can be operated as a master, slave, caching or forwarding. This allows use also on Windows DNS servers but our focus is to provide the product for Bind version 9 which scales better and is much more efficient than the Windows DNS server architecture. Subscriptions will be included with your Threat Intelligence subscriptions. Currently today users can download individual RPZ zone files from the Jigsaw Security MISP instance, TAXII server or by subscribing to our RPZ feeds.

We just wanted to let customers know that this option is available. Hosting of DNS servers is also available in Azure, AWS, Vultr or other hosting providers. Our RPZ is also supported by Microsoft 365 or subscriptions.

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