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Denying Access

Sometimes in the security business you have to deny access. I mean seriously thing about this, a firewalls main job is what? Denying access. DNS servers used as firewalls do what? Deny access. So it goes without saying that we even have to deny access to actual people.

Over the last few weeks we have noted a huge uptick in activity monitoring our blogs so we thought we would talk about this for a moment. One of the biggest things those in security have to do is deny access. Sometimes we have to deny access to entire regions or countries because these regions or countries continually cause issues for the Internet at large.

Countries we cannot provide ANY access

When dealing in security there are ethical concerns in providing threat intelligence or honeypot information. We get many international request for service and turn down most of them. Unless you are based in a friendly country, forget about it. If your on this list you will NOT be allowed access to any non public resource.

The Deny List

These are the countries we will not allow ANY access to our data at all. Even with countries we do allow access, many are restricted by the source of the data through Traffic Light Protocol or other geographical restrictions.

  • Russia

  • China

  • North Korea

  • Venezuela

  • Iran

  • Syria

  • Cuba

  • Lebanon

  • Yemen

  • Bolivia

  • Nicaragua

What is interesting is that some individuals and companies still try and request accounts on our platforms and systems. It should go without saying that all of these entities are denied access.

It should also be noted that these countries are denied because they are enemies of the United States and allies.

What is apparent is that these countries would definitely value our data. Mostly because we identify individuals committing hacking and fraud in our 160 trillion records. We find it very interesting that they would even think about requesting cyber security related accounts. Really?!

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