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Policy on request for information - RFI's

Quite often Jigsaw Security received RFI's (Request for Information) from anonymous visitors to our website. Because of this we wanted to share our policy on the site to ensure that those visiting the website know how to make an RFI and what RFI's will be responded to.

Officially we will only response to one of the following types of organizations:

  • Government Entities with a valid GOV domain

  • Educational Institutions attempting to protect their infrastructure

  • Companies with critical infrastructure to include transportation, utilities, safety of life organizations and similar organizations

  • CERT and ISAC organizations

  • Security researchers - On a case by case basis

With those exceptions we do not response to email addresses that are publicly available. Some examples of domains in which we will not grant access or respond to are Hotmail, Gmail or similar email accounts that can be easily created.

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